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The Micro+ $349

The Micro+ 3D printer is ready to help spark ideas and bring them to life. With a compact 7.3" - cube design, the Micro+ is the perfect choice for any room or environment. Want to take it on the go? Weighing only 2.3lbs, take your talents with you at any time. The Micro+ is the best choice for getting started in 3D printing, and is a perfect printer for kids and adults to use. 

 7.3" Cube Print Build Size

 Up to 4.6" tall and 4.3" x 4.5" wide

 Printer Weight - 2.3lbs

 Print Speed - Moves at up to 60mm/s

 Nozzle - .35mm (replaceable)

 Print accuracy - 50-350 micron layer heights

 Compatible Filaments - Any 1.75mm filament (users are not restricted to M3D's own 3D Inks)

 Print Bed - Self-leveling, replaceable, non-heated

 3D Files Supported - .STL, .OBJ

 USB 2.0 and above

 Power Source - External supply,  120V supply

 Country of Origin - Designed and Assembled in the United States of America

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