The Crane Bowden 3D Printer $599.00

For those just getting started with 3D printing and are looking for an approachable open source 3D printer, the Crane Bowden is for you. Coming fully assembled means you can use it right out of the box and without fear of faulty installation a couple hours of assembly that normally comes with these types of printers. The Crane Bowden is a high quality, yet affordable, easy to use 3D printer which has a Duet 2 Maestro control board, one of the best open source boards available. The Duet 2 Maestro allows you to create higher quality prints, and have faster responsiveness and less noise due to the fast Arm processor combined with RepRap Firmware and trinamic drivers. It comes fully assembled, with a heated bed, LCD control, and SD card slot so you can print without needing a computer. The Bowden style feed and brass 0.4mm nozzle allow you to create detailed prints quickly.

Further, as part of the larger Crane series, Crane Bowden users can easily update their printers to a direct drive system for printing flexible filaments, in addition to the Dual and Quad multi-filament setups with readily available parts. 

Level: Novice to Expert
Best For: Workshops & Enthusiasts
Build Volume: 9" x 9" x 9.8"
Printer Size: 15" x 19" x 17"
Printer Weight: 18.73lbs (8.5kg)
Resolution: 25-500 microns
Nozzle: 0.4mm, brass

 Filament Size: 1.75mm
Speed: Up to 80mm/s
Max. Extruder Temp: 270°C
Extruder Type: Bowden
Software: Open Source
Supported Files: .STL, .OBJ, G-CODE
Standalone Mode: ✔

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