Welcome to the realm of possibilities.

We bring your ideas and designs to life. 

With services such as 3D printing, decal and vinyl cutting, woodworking, 2D and 3D design, and more,

 we help you take your project to the next level. 

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Full Color 3D Printing : up to 50,000 different colors

Print multi-colored prints using CMYK filament or load up to four different types of filament such as soluble support, ABS, and more!

Using New Technology to Improve 3D Printing

3D Printing is changing the world

your own personal production team


3D Printing Designed and Manufactured in the USA

We make what you need.  Whether it's manufacturing small, simple parts,  creating a necessary item for a science fair project, or designing special lighting effects and industrial grade prints, we make your ideas possible. Bonus: each print is infused with our passion for creative design and technology. 


Measure Twice, Print Once

Using advanced industrial and manufacturing technology, we are able to calibrate and measure distances as small as hundredths of a pixel, to assure you are receiving consistent and high quality prints.  


It's Not Business - It's Personal

Adding a custom laser engraving to your hand crafted item makes it extra special.

Polish, Shine, & Durability


Experimenting With New 3D Print Technology

 To improve surface and print quality, we utilize new polishing technology to enhance the overall print.  


Hand Crafted Tools to Enhance Your Daily Life

Artisan designed and hand crafted, our distinctive personalizable wooden products speak confidence and present with authority. The perfect accessory for your office, graduation or executive gifts, or home. They can be custom designed just for you.


Decal & Vinyl Cutting

Using waterproof, weather-proof, chemical-proof, and scratch resistant vinyl, we design and customize decals to enhance your car, windows, walls, or any display. Have a logo? We can work with that, too.