Industrial Printing


Taking 3D Printing to a Whole New Level

Introducing PA6-GF & PA6-CF

Polymaker launched two new industrial materials to the 3D printing market offering the best in class for mechanical properties achievable from extrusion-based 3D printing. The two new materials are both fiber reinforced Nylon polymers that display, incredible strength and high heat deflection temperatures. This allows these new materials to function in more demanding environments and allows 3D printing to produce more practical functional parts. Both these materials feature Polymaker’s latest development – Fiber Adhesion™ technology, boosting the layer adhesion of printed parts not only on the x-y axis but also on the z-axis.

PolyMide PA6-GF $139.99 (2kg)


PA6-GF is a glass fiber reinforced Nylon (PA6) that offers outstanding mechanical properties, namely, impact strength and stiffness. The material exhibits excellent thermal and mechanical properties without sacrificing the layer adhesion. It can be used to print parts working in a wide temperature range and has been utilized to create custom lab equipment working with temperatures as low as -190 degrees Celsius. 

PolyMide PA6-CF $169.99 (2kg)


PA6-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced nylon (PA6) 3D printing material offering the highest strength, impact resistance and heat deflection of all Polymaker 3D printing materials. It is also an ESD safe material making it a suitable candidate for printing electronic jigs and fixtures. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved stiffness, strength and heat resistance without affecting z-axis layer adhesion. Featuring a heat deflection temperature of 215°C, this material lends itself perfectly to functioning automotive applications where strength and heat resistance are required from the material.